Beissel, known as the "Devil Triangle", has so far made many scientists think and think about it. For decades, many planes and ships have often disappeared for no reason. The "Devil Triangle" Bermuda's "Devil" mystery is exactly what it is Fire Pit .

Soviet scientists first proposed the theory of submarine crustal movement. They believe that because of the complexity of the landscape of the Bermuda Seabed, this has caused the ocean currents in the Bermuda Sea to criss-cross and change every minute, so that How To Check Fuel Pressure a huge number of submarine vortexes will be formed. The American scientists have further confirmed this statement. They believe that the seabed in the Bermuda Sea not only has huge vortices, but also that these vortices generate extremely high temperatures under the sunlight, which is the explosion of the flying aircraft. The reason why the opened ship sank.

But why can't you find the sunken ship or the wreck of the missing plane? ? Scientists who support the theory of seafloor crustal movement have argued that at the bottom of Bermuda, there is a pit or crypt formed by the length of time, where the earth's crust is unstable and moving frequently, which is the cause of frequent earthquakes near Bermuda. When the earthquake occurred, these pits or Hdmi Splitter crypts collapsed, just like the sea floor suddenly opened a "big mouth", and the ship that happened to sail to this place would be involved, knowing that it finally sinks into the "big mouth." In the mouth, in this way, the ship that disappeared here naturally could not find the wreckage.

The other part of the scientists insisted on the theory of infrasound geomagnetics. In the 1930s, the Soviet geophysicist Shu Liejin proposed that the infrasound wave is produced by the waves. They believe that in the event of a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruption, an earthquake or a storm, the surrounding infrasound will also vibrate. Although the infrasound wave is invisible to us, once it vibrates, its destructive power is unimaginable. According to research by scientists, when people are in an environment with an infrasound oscillation frequency of 6 Hz, people often have a strong sense of fatigue. When the time is a little longer, people will have anxiety and even fear. When people are in the subsonic oscillation frequency, In the 7 Hz environment, the heart and nerves will soon become paralyzed. The infrasound waves in Bermuda's waters are the most active, and the culprit causing the ship to sink and the plane to disappear.

There are still a small number of scientists who insist on "foreign visitors". On June 5, 1965, a large twin-engine military aircraft, the Flying Car CI19, suddenly disappeared as it flew over the waters of Bermuda. At this moment, the American spacecraft "Gemini-4" also just happened to fly here. Astronaut McWitt suddenly discovered a "flying saucer". The "flying saucer" had a tentacle-like device exposed, and at that time the "flying saucer" was leaving. He was flying not far away, and he immediately shot the "flying saucer" with a camera. According to this, the American astronomer Jessup and some scholars believe that the planes and ships that are mysteriously missing are exactly what the "outside visitors" do.

In the mid-1970s, American scientist Larry Kush proposed There is a saying of "unreal mystery". He believes that these strange phenomena happening in the Bermuda Triangle are not something that has happened recently or even in recent decades, but was recorded during the Columbus expedition in the 16th century. Most of these records say that all the air crashes or shipwrecks encountered in the waters of Bermuda are caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes or tsunamis. As for these records, many experts who are studying Bermuda also know that they have not attracted their attention. Some scientists even deliberately deleted these details for the sake of gimmicks, and even added vinegar to other things. This deceives the world, just for the blockbuster.

However, the "Devil Triangle" Bermuda has always existed in , resulting in various "wrecks" of shipwrecks and air crashes. "What is the truth?"